Marketable Product

Dramatized Audiobook:

This kind of product will always be around whether dramatized, unabridged or immersive. There is so many books and stories and different style and genres that can be used and developed.

Upon doing some research I found that roughly 23% of 18-29 year olds and 27% of 30-49 year olds in the UK listen to audiobooks. This is quite a large demographic for me to aim my product at. Another point that I found was that more than 50% of people with a long commute to work also listened to an audiobook.

However, being such a large market there is a lot of potential competition in this field. One of which is Audible. This company is a big competitor being owned by Amazon. There is also Strathmore who have won various awards for having immersive products and a fantastic sound library.

My initial thoughts for my market-facing product was to take a chapter out Game of Thrones, a book that I enjoy, and turn it into a script for a dramatized audiobook. I was content with this until I decided to create this website to present my portfolio. Due to the fact that I decided to publish the site I came across some copyright issues that would affect what I could use.

I had the choice of choosing a public domain script or write my own. I decided upon writing my own as I thought it would be an extra challenge and another way to provide evidence of my skills and determination. As this was going to be the first script I wrote I decided to research scriptwriting and how I should go about starting it.